To My Dear Japanese Fans


It is with great regret that I am unable to perform for you in December as I had hoped to be able to. I am eager to share wonderfully warm and intimate musical experiences with you once again, and intend to return to  Japan again soon!
Thank you for all of your love and support now and always. It’s reciprocal!!

My Recent Tour of Japan


Now that all of the shows and interviews are done, I can actually process the many highlights of the past two weeks. Although I’ve finally touched down at home in Toronto, I’m still on quite the high. Ten sold-out shows in Japan, a really fantastic group of musicians (My dude Paul Shrofel, Perry Smith, Evan Hughes, and Noah Garabedian), lots of great media exposure, a dinner with Jonathan Fried, the Canadian ambassador to Japan, and a record that’s doing really well. I mean, if a picture’s worth a thousand words, what to say about a picture that is literally larger than me???

I’m going to miss the Blue Notes and Cotton Club, especially my girl Aki at the Tokyo Blue Note, who looks after us! She can practically read my mind by now. And why don’t we get hot towels after every show elsewhere in the world?? I think that should be an international jazz club practice! 🙂

It feels so good to be back to making music. And to have been met with such a warm reception has been amazing. My favourite moment of the tour was when I invited backstage two fans whose faces I’ve come to recognize because they’ve come to every single show I’ve ever played in Tokyo. (I think I’m up to at least 30 shows there now. That’s a lot of Sophie Milman!) They were surprised by the invitation – in fact, they seemed a bit overwhelmed – and I was so moved by their reaction. As a touring musician, it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of travel, jet lag, vocal fatigue, etc., but these encounters are truly what it’s all about: the ability to touch people in a meaningful way.

One of these uber-fans, Yoko, told me that her favourite song of mine is ‘La Vie en Rose’, so the band checked out some YouTube clips of me singing it and we threw together an impromptu performance of the song in the second show. I could see Yoko crying in the audience and I could barely hold it together myself. There I was in Japan, on the other side of the world, sharing an intimate moment with another human being, through music. If ever I needed to be reminded why I do what I do, that was all the reminder I needed. It was pure magic!

So, I’m back in Toronto now and looking forward to reconnecting with my family and friends – not to mention my puppy Will (from here on, dubbed ‘puppsies’) – for a few days before I head out for my first dates in Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City in more than two years. After such an incredible response in Japan, I can’t wait to play some of my new tunes for these great Canadian audiences!

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