“This gem of a CD is definitely a keeper.”
– Downbeat Magazine

“Jazz singer Sophie Milman is back and better than ever.”
– The Ottawa Citizen

“Milman’s fourth studio album is a great piece of work that places her
in the top tier of female jazz vocalists.”
– John Sharpe Performance: A/Production: A

“Sophie’s vocals soar with a sound that is rich, contemporary and controlled. Here’s a woman who’s not even 30 and it sounds like she’s been doing this forever.”
– Marc Andrews

“Milman reveals her interpretive finesse without a hitch, at ease with the album’s mix of vintage and contemporary tunes…”
– The Washington Post

“Not the next Ella or Sarah but the first Sophie Milman…she is one of a kind.”
Don Heckman, The LA Times

“She could remake a T-Pain come-on into a Carmen McRae entreaty. The opener, ‘Beautiful Love,’ combines a crisply swinging tempo with a sultry minor key; ‘Where Do You Start?’ closes things on a subtly dramatic note. … But Ms. Milman’s core philosophy might best be summed up by the Joni Mitchell tune she covers here: ‘Be Cool.’”
– The New York Times

“…Take Love Easy, her third album, delivers the goods instantly. The very first thing we hear is her voice, dark and lustrous, over a walking bass line as she gently but decisively swings “Beautiful Love”, and it’s clear that this is no pop jazz confection. Between her honeyed tone and relaxed, back-of-the-pocket phrasing, Milman sings with a maturity beyond her years…”
– Globe and Mail

“She’s shrewder with her evocations on Take Love Easy, her third album, and more strategic with her repertory… the new album strikes a balance of songbook standards and rearranged adult pop.”
– The New York Times

“Her album covers suggest high, jazz-diva glamour – you’d almost want to use an old fashioned word like “swanky” to describe the Gershwin-era sensibility at work. Her voice has it, too, curling out like a memory of smoke-and-martini-fuelled cocktail parties, though sometimes transforming itself into a claim on all that is blithe and innocent. ”
– Gerald Hannon, Toronto Life

“Sophie Milman smoulders on Make Someone Happy…..a classic jazz voice that evokes smoky lounges, softly clinking glasses and the cool of the night.”
– NPR Weekend Edition

“Milman’s second is a show of strength…rich tone and teasingly light vibrato underscore the easy fluidity of her phrasing”
– Globe & Mail

“Her already confident delivery is even more assured, her new maturity underscored in a well-chosen, eclectic program”
– The Toronto Star

“Petite bombshell Sophie Milman is well on her way to becoming an international star”

“Sophie Milman sings sublimely and she does sultry with impeccable, classy style”
– Q Magazine

“Confident, crisp, seductive voice”

“Sophie Milman is one of the hottest jazz singers around – in more ways than one.”
– Jim Harrington, Contra Costa Times

“She captivates.”
– Downbeat Magazine

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